Most Famous Kissing Art Pieces

Pablo Picasso – Kiss – 1969

Pablo Picasso’s lovers share a passionate love outside the bedroom, the image being depicted with spontaneous brush strokes! This piece captures the artist’s joy of life just before his 86th birthday.

René Magritte – The Lovers – 1928

This piece of art evokes a strange sense of mystery, the passion is there but they are unable to fully express it due to the pieces of cloth that cover their heads keeping them forever apart!

Constantin Brancusi – The Kiss  – 1908

Brancusi‘s masterpiece is a symbolic interpretation of a female and male body merging into one, their love captured eternally in stone!

Marc Chagall – The Birthday – 1915

Marc Chagall created it for his beloved wife Bella as a gift for her anniversary! The 2 are represented floating in a bliss of love sparkled by the kiss.

Man Ray – Kiss – 1922

I know you were probably expecting only paintings and sculpture but Man Ray’s work is probably one of the most amazing in this set! This is actually a radyograph showing two people kissing with their hands overlaid on their faces.

Gustav Klimt – The Kiss – 1908

Gustav’s erotic masterpiece depicts is him and his redhead lover merged into one, their love taking the shape of a golden penis. This is one of the artists best and most iconic pieces!

Auguste Rodin – The Kiss – 1889

The Kiss portraits the 13th century Italian aristocrat Francesca da Rimini, who fell in love with her husbands brother Paolo. According to Dante’s Inferno, the husband found them out and killed both of them before they could consume their love! In this sculpture their lips don’t touch each other!

Jean-Léon Gérôme – Pygmalion and Galatea – 1890

His work presents Pygmalion creating a sculpture of Galatea, which in his vision is considered to be the perfect woman and brought to life by the goddess Venus and can now rest in the arms of it’s creator!

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec – In Bed: The Kiss – 1892

Henri’s piece depicts two prostitutes locked into a gentle embrace in a bed. After finishing it the artist said: “This is better than anything else. It is the very epitome of sensual delight.”

Roy Lichtenstein – Kiss V – 1964

Although he painted many other kissing couple, Kiss V happens to be one of my favorite! Stylizing them in a pop-art manner while enlarging the emotional embrace to a point in which it is to be considered iconic. This painting is a refined interpretation of a comic book illustration taking the trend to state of art era. It is not clear whether or not the two have just been reunited or they’re saying a painful goodbye!

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